Guest Rooms

Standard Rooms- Japanese-style tatami rooms on the river side

Room Images

Enjoy a purely Japanese-type room with Tatami (woven straw mats), Shoji (translucent paper doors), and Tokonoma (built-in recessed space for artistic display) commonly adopted in Japanese traditional houses.
Enjoy a Décor of the kind of warm wood which Japanese people have highly esteemed in housing since ancient times.
Have a relaxing time by enjoying the murmuring of the Kinugawa River and the singing of the birds outside.

Many ryokans and hotels have lined the banks of the Kinugawa River since, according to legend, onsen (hot springs) were discovered in 1752, and since then Kinugawa enjoys the reputation of being one of the best onsen places in Japan.Our guest rooms offer peaceful views of the Kinugawa Onsen through large windows.
※Futon are offered in each bedroom instead western-style beds.

Guest Rooms
Japanese-style rooms: 12 jou (approximately 19.8 sq. meters) /2~5 guests/2, 3, 4, and 5th floor
In-room Amenities
Prefab bath unit・Toilet-cum-bidet・TV・Refrigerator・Air-conditioner・Safe・Water pot・Tabletop water heater・Japanese-style pajama (Yukata)・Japanese-style room slippers (Tabi)・Toothbrush・Toothpaste・Shampoo・Hair conditioner・Body soap・Bath towel・Hand towel・Hair dryer
Check Room Rates & Availability and for Reservations



Dinner Images

You can enjoy fine Japanese dishes of our creative and highly skilled chefs who are proficient with the culinary arts using Kinugawa’s local food including shabu-shabu (a Japanese dish featuring thinly sliced pork boiled in hot water) with delicious fresh pork, “Tochigi Yume Pork,” which were raised on farms in Tochigi Prefecture and Charr fish caught in the local river, all the while relaxing in a private Japanese-style dining room with warm lighting (chairs are available upon request).

※Please contact us at least 3 days prior to the date of arrival if you have any dietary requests regarding food allergies. However, we will not able to comply with food requests such as,“Only use ingredients which I like. / Do not use ingredients which I dislike.”or “Prepare pure vegetarian cuisine (no fish and no meat including broth)”or “Completely eliminate flour or soybeans” even if such requirements are made 3 days prior to arrival.

Japanese sake

Hakurakusei (Top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 50% of weight or less- this hotel’s treasured sake)Nanae Yae (Top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 50% of weight or less- this hotel’s special brand)Shochu (Japanese distilled spirit) ・ Beer・White wine・Red wine・Whiskey


Breakfast Images

Sample a healthy traditional Japanese breakfast menu, enjoying views of surrounding nature in the Kinugawa Canyon, whose scenery is widely spread outside the windows.

Onsen (Hot spring)

Open-air spa・Communal bathroom

Onsen Images

Kinugawa Onsen, peculiar for its soft and smooth water, discovered in 1752, is a historic hot spring in which only Daimyou (vassal lords) and monks attending the temples in Nikko were allowed to soak during the Edo era.

Have a relaxing time in the communal bathroom and the open-air spa (segregated for ladies and gentlemen each), where you can have a grandstand view of nature of Kinugawa’s seasonal changes, from strong dark green in spring and summer, to blazing red in autumn, to snow white in winter.

You can cool your heated body in the relaxing room after enjoying the onsen, where Kinugawa’s soft and mild spring water can be tasted.

Please check the FAQs to see the precautions for use of onsen (hot spring).

Chartered bath

Chartered bath Images
  • White-themed space surrounded by sunshine filtering through leaves
  • Black-themed space making you feel like in the Kinugawa Canyon

Have a wonderful ONSEN bathing experience by chartering our bath for family-use, couple-use, or even single use for your own!!We are happily providing the chartering system for our guests to enjoy the bath for their private use.Our bath is designed to be barrier-free for physically challenged people.You can fully enjoy the Japanese ONSEN bath without worrying about the presence of others.

To book the chartered bath, it is required to pay booking fee and make a reservation for the bath.

  • Fee for booking the chartered bath
    JPY 3,850 for using the chartered bath for 45 minutes(including TAX)
  • Available bathing time
    7:00~10:00, 15:00~22:00 We appreciate your understanding that we cannot meet your requirements in case that your requested time is already booked by somebody else or any other reason occurs.
  • How to book the chartered bath
    For booking the chartered bath, please e-mail us the following information when you book a room. (Japanese or English only)
    • Room Reservation Number
    • Check-in Date
    • Guest Name
    • Desired time to use the bath during your stay
    • Desired type of bath you would like to charter
      1. White-themed space surrounded by sunshine filtering through leaves
      2. Black-themed space making you feel like in the Kinugawa Canyon
  • E-mail


Access from major airports and train stations

From Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and Shinjuku Station.
Major airports
  • Narita Airport
  • Nippori Sta.
  • Kitasenju Sta.
  • Kinugawa Onsen Sta.
  • Nanaeyae
  • Haneda Airports
  • Asakusa Sta.
  • Kinugawa Onsen Sta.
  • Nanaeyae
Major stations
  • Shinjuku Sta.
  • Kinugawa Onsen Sta.
  • Nanaeyae
Kinugawa Onsen Nanae Yae - Ryokan of quietness and cordiality -
  • 1060 Ohara, Kinugawa Onsen, Nikko-shi, Tochigi 321-2522, Japan※5 minutes’ walk from Kinugawa Onsen Station in Tobu Line
  • +81 (0)288-77-2222 (Available at 8:00 to 21:00) ※Japanese language only.


About the inside of the facility

What time can I check-in?
Check-in time is between 15:00 and 18:00. The latest acceptable check-in time is 19:00.
Please feel free to ask us to hold your luggage before your check-in if necessary.
Can you hold my luggage if I send it to you before my arrival?
Yes. Please make sure to clearly state the name of the guest and the arrival date on the luggage when you send it to us.
Can you hold my luggage after my checkout? If you can, how many days can you keep it?
We can hold your luggage for up to two days after your check-out date.
Can I use Internet in the guest rooms?
Free Wi-Fi is available in all the guest rooms and the lobby (Except for the bathing facility).
Can I bring alcohol, soft drinks and snacks into the guest rooms?
We apologize- please refrain from taking outside food and beverage to the room.
Does every guest room have a shower room and a toilet?
What amenities do your guest rooms have?
All guest rooms come equipped with the following:
Japanese-style pajamas (Yukata), bath towel, facial towel, toothbrush, and hair dryer.
The following amenities are available at the communal bathing room:
Shower cap, shaver (razor), hair brush, hair rubber-band.
When you go to take a bath, please bring a bath towel and a facial towel provided in your guest room as there is no towel in the communal bathing room. Additional charge will be incurred if you need additional towels.
Tell me about the shape of the electric outlet and voltage used in your ryokan.
2-flat-pin plugs are used. Working voltage is 100V with 50Hz frequency.
Can I use a safe deposit box?
Yes, you can use one in your guest room.

About the bath

I am pregnant. Can I soak in the onsen (hot spring)?
It is said that it should be no problem for a pregnant woman if the pregnancy is in her stable period. We recommend you to consult your doctor if you are concerned about your health condition.
I have a tattoo on my body. Can I use the communal bathing room and the communal open-air spa?
No, we are not able to allow anyone who has a tattoo to use the communal bathing room and the communal open-air spa.
Can I take only a bath without having to stay as a guest?
No, we offer our bath and spa only for overnight guests.
Do you offer a guest room equipped with an open-air spa?
Yes, we have two such rooms.
Can I wrap my body with a towel when sitting in the bath tub in the communal bathroom and the open-air spa?
No, it is customary to take off the towel before soaking in the tub.
Can I bring my camera or smartphone with me and take photos or movies when I enter the communal bathroom or the open-air spa in your hotel?
Please do not bring a camera or a smartphone and do not take any photos or movies in the undressing room, the bathroom, and the open-air spa.

About dining

Can you prepare vegetarian meals?
We apologize, but we are not able to prepare vegetarian meals.
I have some food allergies.
Please contact us to see if we can meet your requests for special care on dishes.

About room rates and reservations

How much are the room rates?
It depends on the accommodation plan and the date of the reservation.
How much is the room rate for a child?
A child at the age of 12 or more will be charged the same as an adult. A child aged of 6~11 will be charged 70% of the rate for an adult. A child between the ages of 3~5 will be 50%.
Only a service facility charge of 1,100 Japanese yen will be incurred for a child between the ages of 0~2 in the case where there is no need of meals and a futon; a 3,300 Japanese yen fee will be incurred for a child at the age of 3 or more in case of no need of meals and a futon.
Charges for a bath towel, a facial towel, meals, and a futon are not included in the above-mentioned service facility charge.
1,100 Japanese yen will be charged for an additional futon.
※The rates shown above include tax.
What are the acceptable forms of payment?
Please make all payments in cash (Japanese yen only) or credit card. credit card companys logo.
We do not need a dinner at your ryokan. Can we only reserve a room and breakfast?
We apologize, but we do not provide B&B style lodging. Our accommodation includes a dinner and a breakfast per night.
Please tell me your cancellation policy.
A cancellation charge will be incurred from 1 week before the date of arrival.


Tobu World Square Tobu World Square Image.

Enjoy taking a round-the-world tour of 102 examples of sophisticatedly crafted 1:25 scale miniature reconstructions of some of the world’s most famous buildings and historic sites.
You cannot miss the 26 meters high miniature of Tokyo Sky Tree, recognized as the world tallest self-standing steel tower with a height of 634 meters (as of July 2014).

See the Google map
Ryuo Kyo Ryuo Kyo Image.

The gorge of Ryuo Kyo, made of clumps of massive rocks in the shape of a wriggling dragon with a length of about 3 km, was formed as the flow of the Kinugawa River abraded the volcanic rocks that had been thrown up by underwater volcanic eruptions 22 million years ago. Ryuo Kyo is one of the most popular sightseeing sites for overseas tourists, offering the enjoyment of hiking on a nature trail along the Kinugawa River.

See the Google map
Kinugawa river boat tour Kinugawa river boat tour Image.

The Kinugawa River is known for its extreme canyon scenery which was created by the nature. Enjoy riding a small traditional Japanese-style boat skillfully controlled by the boatmen with the oar, having entertaining thrills of the rapids and admiring the beauty of rock forms, seasonally changing trees, and wild animals of the river.
The reception counter of the Kinugawa river boat tour is about 1 minute’s walk from our ryokan.

See the Google map
Toshogu Shrine Toshogu Shrine Image.

Toshogu Shrine, where Ieyasu Tokugawa (1542-1616) who was the first Shogun of the Edo era, is commemorated. It is the most famous shrine of the Shrines and Temples of Nikko designated as a World Heritage Site. Experience the breath-taking beauty of nationally protected treasures and buildings in Toshogu Shrine.

See the Google map
Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura Image.

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura is a theme park replicating a town of the Edo era which started in the first half of the 17th and ended in the late 19th century.
Enjoy throwing ninja stars, riding a Japanese traditional houseboat, and watching ninja’s cool performance in a whole day.

See the Google map
Kinugawa Confectionery Castle Kinugawa Confectionery Castle Image.

Kinugawa Confectionery Castle, a confectionery manufacturing and selling facility, offers you a tour of its manufacturing place and an opportunity to actually make sweets in its facility.
At the shopping place, you can also buy Japanese sweets such as Nama-dora (red bean-jam pancake sandwiches) and Manju (round-shaped steamed red bean-jam buns) suitable as a souvenir.

See the Google map